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Agro Input Supply

Access to affordable input is still one of the major issues facing our farmers today. We provide a solution with the All Agric outlet that supplies inputs to the farmer. 

Nearness to the farmer cannot be understated and so these outlets are situated as close to the farmer as possible. The farmer friendly outlet is fast becoming a symbol of hope and change as it addresses the issue of finance also with the flexible terms of payment employed here.

Other services like extension services, workshops, and export certification assistance are scheduled to initiate notable growth in yield for targeted crops in the farming area. 

Global Gap Services

We offer freelance Global Gap Audit services. The resident GG certified auditor has a proven track record of 95%, 99% and 100% for 16 Global Gap Audits and counting.

 Having successfully prepared these clients, our auditor has ensured they pass and access the pool of enormous benefits that come with being a Global Gap Certified entity. You can also be a Global Certified Producer.


Rsearch Services

We offer the best research services in the agricultural space. Our services are up to speed and consumer specific to ensure our customers are more than satisfied. 

Farm Business Solutions

  •  Farm planning
  • Farm costing
  •  Linking producers to markets 


We offer client specific services that may not have been mentioned here. Do give us a call!

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